Louis Olivier

About Louis Olivier

Many of the world’s top perfumes originate from Italy and some of the most renowned were created by perfume houses with long and proud histories. Classic Italian perfumery has a reputation for flamboyance. Quite noticeably and surely, Italians wear scents differently from the French or Germans.. To see how Italians themselves create their perfumery trafditions today, one might explore LOUIS OLIVIER, Being surrounded by iconic perfumes from houses like Guerlain and Chanel, Louis Olivier became inspired to add his own contribution to Italian perfumery. A native of Catania and owner of a clothes boutique, he thus founded his perfume line. “My perfumes are my stories, often coming from my past, from my memories and my culture,” says Olivier.
He blend classical themes and modern shapes in an original way, to convey a message that perfume is wearable art. The creations range from sumptuous blossoms to bittersweet woods emphasising on the warm, skin-like mid-tones, the spicy richness and the delicate sweetness of powder in a white floral accord. The effect is intimate and tender, despite the opulence of the composition.
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