Arabic Perfumes

About Arabic Perfumes - Al-Zahbi

The Arabian perfume today is alluring the globe with its distinctive fragrances disseminating the heritage and luxury of life. Arabic perfumes are becoming increasingly popular across the world mainly because of its composition of natural ingredients of pure natural oils and extracts from flowers, spices, herbs, roots etc. The Arabs have always used aroma as a type of art, an image of love and a token of beauty.
Perfume has a great history from Romans to Persians and the Arabs. Mesopotamia has recorded the earliest use of perfumes in the 2nd century BC., Arabs preserved the tradition of perfume and later with a rise of Islam, it increased progressively in their day to day life and in religious practice. It is an essential part of Muslim culture.
The Persians and the Arabs were mostly traders and they used to bring a range of spices and wood for creating Arabic perfumes from India and other Asian countries. Few elements and base accords which play a vital role in the Arabian Perfume are - Oud (oudh), Amber, Musk, Jasmine, Frankincense and Agarwood. Equally Rose in Arabian Perfume also has a key part to play, the prominent Damask rose (Rose with 30 petals) that is found in the Valley of Taif in Saudi Arabia. Read More