About Lomani

Parfums Parour is a family success story that has stood out for nearly a century in the magical world of perfumery. In 1986, Parfums Parour opened in the heart of Paris, famous as the world capital of fashion and elegance, and since this time the company is recognized worldwide in over 70 countries, on all continents.. Their vocation is perfumery, dreaming up olfactory designs, translating the ethereal and fleeting beauty of these fragrances, revealing the mysteries and secrets of this alchemy, mastering the mixes, and controlling proportions. They dedicate a hymn to a woman, an infinitely assured woman preferring today's desires to tomorrow's dreams.
Boldly and generously, they celebrate each day the beauty and charm of men and women the world over. As witnesses and players involved in the changing fashions, they take inspiration, innovate, and tame this invisible but eternally present finery: perfume.
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