Gianni Venturi

About Gianni Venturi

Gianni Venturi,an icon of inimitable style and innovative fashion, set up his fashion house in 1984 in a typical workshop in San Niccolo in Florence. Noted for his elegance and style, the Italian fashion designer , Gianni Venturi, drew upon his sense of drama when it came to the creation of his perfumes. His interests in the world of art were extremely diversified and his desire of exploring new avenues of expression,. motivated him into creation of fashion fragrances, an experiment which gave Venturi a success far beyond his imagination.
He discovered his passion for composing fragrances while working for his fashion house in Florence, Italy. He started his perfumes production career with the launch of Mystic as Gianni Venturi’s Brand of Perfumes.
Coming from a humble background, he believed that people from all walks of life have the right to enjoy fashion in every sense and form, and it is with this notion that he decided to make his perfume brand affordable to all.
As Gianni once said, "When somebody buys a Gianni Venturi, they know they are buying a little story, it's not just a fashionable item, it's something that has history and tradition and will not be fashionable today and out tomorrow. You are buying something that is going to last for a long time."
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