Al Zahbi

Al Zahbi Ashraq AlOud

Ashraq Al Oud that makes you feel complete. This Parfum is sn experience. If you want to get that instant fresh feel with a strong whiff of an aromatic blend.go for this Ashraqw Al Oud. It is made from oriental, spicy, and sharp notes, so few sprays are enough to bathe your skin in a lasting, delight, This stunning blend of notes enhance the vibrant side of this scent. If you love the sophistication of a oud scent, you won't want to miss out on this one.
The Top Notes of Bergamot provides a citrusy, bitter, and sour aroma with fruity nuances. The clean and fresh aroma of lavender provide a fantastically strong and long lasting accord to the notes. The geranium has rosy aspects with a soft touch of lemon.

  • FOR Unisex